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Jason Becker

Posted in Uncategorized by Dino Rawr on August 27, 2011

I understand that I’m not a genius when it comes to music and that I probably don’t know much but being a Music Journalist is my dream and I’m ready to take my chances with it.


I’d like to talk about one of my greatest idols. His story is amazing and jaw-dropping at all he’s done. I’m talking about the famous neo-classical guitarist Jason Becker. ūüôā

Jason was born July 22, 1969 in Richmond, CA. ¬†At a young age Jason was introduced to guitar by his father Gary Becker. By age ten he could play many famous rock and roll songs from memory and he could play every note in tune and in time with the artist. By age 16 he had met his high school friend and heavy metal partner Marty Friedman, where they eventually made the neo- classical duo Cacophony which was produced by Mike Varney. They were considered some of the fastest guitarists in the world. They did 2 albums together for about 3 years and then they broke up and Becker went continuing his solo work which was released in 1988. Less than a year later, Jason joined David Lee Roth’s band. ¬†However his success was cut short because after feeling limp in the leg, the doctors told Jason he had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ( ALS) and that he had about 3-5 years to live.


Here is where his story gets amazing.   ALS is a disease that eventually paralyzes and kill the tissue in the body, Becker went through extreme pain but with the help of some guitar adjustments and help from his co- workers, he was able to complete his album with David Lee Roth. A few years later Jason eventually lost his ability to move and to speak, however he didnt want to give up. Thanks to an eye communication system that his father invented, Jason is still alive 20 years later and he was even able to create new works and make another album with saying a word. He still goes through pain but he lives only for his music and to create more beautiful works of art.


Right now Jason is going through major finacial problems. He lives on a¬†respirator¬†and constant medication in order to stay alive. However with many people not knowing much about neo-classical guitar or very fast heavy metal, he goes living without his deserved praise. He is holding a concert in Amsterdam in November 2011 and he is calling it the ” I’m Not Dead Yet” concert. Many famous guitar players and bands will be playing. And as a thank you to all his dedicate fans, Jason will do a live Skype from his home in San¬†Francisco.


If you are interested then please try out his music. I’ll list some of his best songs so please give them a try.

– Higher, album Collection

-Air, album Perpetual Burn

– Miss Mabel’s Fatal Fable, album ¬†Perpetual Burn

Please try out these songs ^^


Well thank you for reading and I hope you liked it. Please leave a comment and feedback!


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  1. ausley said,

    haha you were made to write for newspapers!

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